• Is The Law of Attraction "Broken"?
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Joe's Apology and the 3 Missing Keys That Make Attraction Work Every Time

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  • Is The Law of Attraction "Broken"?
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I’m using the clearing techniques you taught in Zero Limits, but I still do not see much results. I want to attract an extra 50,000 into my life, and an iPod. So far, I’ve only attracted about 200, and it seems to stop moving now. What am I doing wrong here? How can I get more clear and start to really attracting the money I want?

I have been wondering why oh why is this change in mind set not working. Now, I have seen some change deffinetly but the thing that is keeping me stuck is UUUUGGGHH!!!!!! I take action but I am still going in circles. I look forward to listening to your music and digging the deepest parts of my mind and be clear. I have so much to offer and I just feel stuck. Help. I love you, im sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

I have some doubts about limiting beliefs before watching this video. I knew there is something missing, even I am still practicing your’s discovered processes. Now I have no doubts left. You clear them all. You are a true genius. I love you Joe. Thank you for sharing this with the world. God Bless You…

Dr. Vitale I am truthfully intrigued by this. I have been working with Phillip and Jane Montrose with their Science of Getting Rich with EFT program. As wonderful as it is, it does take a lot of work and truthfully a lot of heartache. Your program sounds wonderful however, with my scarcity paradigm it is difficult for me to spend money that I don’t have on something that sounds “too good to be true”. Where do we go from that viewpoint? Thank you.

I want you to know Wi (why)… I want you to know why I am doing this… I am here to cure poverty :) I want you to be a trillionaire so others can be a millionaire… the Abundance Paradigm is the solution to curing poverty… poverty is a mindset… the mindset of lack… the belief that there is not enough… I want to believe that there is enough… I am not there yet but thanks to your program… I will program my “computer” to be abundant… when I program my brain to be abundant… I will be abundant… thank you for your teachings…. I will get there from here

I love you

I want a better life, I want to be out of debts and have enough money to enjoy a lot of free time to enjoy local travelling, take photos and enjoy a nice dinner in the afternoon at cozy locations all around my country.

  • change your focus… “I want to be out of debts” change to “I want to be abundant”

Your blog is incredible, can’t wait for more updates
busy do holandii

I have listened many times to the Awakening annd I am looking forward to the clearing method – I do the I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you – sometimes I am trying so hard that it puts me in turmoil inside – perhaps I am covering to many thoughts at once or I am not letting go. Your work is incredible and I thank you for sharing.

im gratefule

I’m a french canadian,so i am sorry for my english but i will be understood from you ,i’m sure!!!
I want to teach you laws of attraction methods here in canada.
I want YOU as a coach .
I read a few of yours books and thank you very much for sharing yours knowledges with us.!!
This is my time to help people,so many needs it even me!
I hope to hear from you soon.
Chantal cloutier

I feel like I spend a lot of time fighting “down my ego” to try and get to the “inspirations” so that I can take action. It is difficult to know what is just my own ego telling me to do something instead of what I should truly be doing. I desperately want to take action, and sometimes I do even if I believe it is ego based action, just so I can be taking action instead of just thinking and “allowing” and meditating. I don’t want to get caught in a treading water cycle that never ends. Time to take an inspired swim.

dr. vitale i am bless just to have the opportunity to listen to you and to have read your first book ;im learning so many beautiful concepts and i consider you mi mentor and y will love for you to be my coach,the universe will provide the means for me to achieve this, thank you in advanced for all the beautiful free videos and material that you so gratefully provide for us, i am grateful for the opportunity to have meet you and bless you and your family thankyou

I see your point, good job, can’t wait for more updates
stegna noclegi

Just got this program (thru Nightingale trial). Eager to get thru it, but… I really like WATCHING VIDEO of Joe speaking on his topics. Audio is great, but I engage better with video. I’d like you to consider augmenting the program with video lecture and maybe some graphic content. THEN I really believe the program could be top of it’s class. Thanks for what you do, Joe!

Hello Dr joe y have one book your but in Portuguese we haven’t more books your videos is possible list in Portuguese ?we have a group fan in the atraction factor my whics is make a especialist in atraccion factor in my country this secret is begin now.
Best regards

Where can I donate to assist Japan?
I’m so unhappy by what took place in Japan with the earthquake and tsunami and I actually want to assist all of them through donation.

Does anyone know an internet site or anything where you can donate to support Japan?

I’m lucky guy, i found many cool posts on your blog, thank dude !
tabletki na odchudzanie

I have to say – I like your books and your videos, but still struggling to find the right way to leave my blockages behind – some I don’t even know where they are, but keeping me stuck within. I am cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning, and start thinking there has to be a change in me or around me, but nothings seems to happy or I just don’t see them? I’ll keep coming back for more info – thank you so very much for your books and CD’s – thank you

I love you joe, whenever I take the time to review one of your works I am astounded at how accruately you reflect my experiences in life thus far. Rock on and thanks for all the inspiration.